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Product Features

Feature One

HowlLoop provides your employees with a unique point of access to all of their applications, personal information and company communications. Deeper integrations with Notifications, Activity Streams and Spaces are also possible for key applications, maximizing individual and global efficiency.

  • User Profiles
  • Profiles let users personalize their avatar picture, their job title, contact details, skills and background. All profiles are searchable through a centralized directory of people.

  • Connections
  • Build your network by connecting to other people. You can track their activity through their activity streams. New connections are suggested automatically,

  • Activity Streams
  • Follow what your connections are sharing, such as links to documents or just moods. Follow team activities. All built-in apps are nicely integrated to update the activity streams or important things like events, changes to documents, new posts, etc...

HowlLoop’s company intranet offers employees single-point access to all their business applications, personal information and documents, team documents, and company news. Employees save time when searching for information and stay up to date on company information.

Feature Two

Unify your business and collaboration tools within one to connect your employees to information, people, and apps from one digital workplace.

  • Find and source relevant skills for your team with Profiles
  • Collaborate privately and securely on each project with Spaces
  • Share, view, edit and store documents in a secure online file system with Documents
  • Structure work information, meeting notes and department policies with Wikis
  • Distribute, manage and follow work items with Tasks
  • Coordinate your team timelines with Calendars
  • Stay on top of all your projects and work items with Notifications
  • Communicate with your team members and coworkers via Activity Streams and Chats

HowlLoop’s native integrated capabilities, some of your existing collaboration tools can be replaced, leading to an optimized cost of ownership.

Feature Three

Gain full control over your documents. Ensure that your documents stay safe. Boost teamwork with document collaboration and also personalize your users’ document experiences.

  • Centralize documents into a common repository
  • Ensure that you can keep your documents safe and easily find them by moving them to a secure digital environment where you have full control. Provide your colleagues with a central file repository in which they can store their documents privately or share them with their teams.

  • Integrity with version control
  • Selected team members can edit the same documents while avoiding conflicting edits. New versions can be uploaded manually or generated automatically with each new edit, keeping everyone on the same page through trackable version histories and rollbacks.

  • View, edit, and share features
  • Employees can share documents with their team using the same file collaboration . Each team member receives a notification when a document is shared with them or modified. They can view the document and discuss it via the team’s Activity Stream.

  • Protect documents with permissions management
  • Access to any document can be easily adjusted based on groups or individuals. A document owner has full control over who can read, edit, or remove a document.

  • Unified Search
  • Employees can search for and find their personal documents as well as any documents they have permission to access using one simple yet powerful search engine.

Feature Four

At Howlloop we understand that efficiency matters the most for an organization to grow fast. We have integrated all the necessary apps that will boost the productivity and help the organization to achieve a faster growth.

  • Dashboards
  • Each user has their one customizable dashboard. Gadgets help to track metrics, feeds, status and analytics. The product has a large set of gadgets but you can also install any open social gadget. A large set of gadgets are also available online. The dashboard is available through the mobile applications.

  • Calendars
  • Never miss anything with our multi calendar application. Daily, weekly, and monthly views are available. It also manages reminders, invitations, and free/busy time. Team calendars are managed in spaces and you can also share your calendar individually.

  • Tasks Management
  • Capture work items super easily as tasks. Tasks can be created anywhere, anytime. They can be scheduled in your calendar and reminders will be sent to you. You can also track other people’s tasks via activity streams.

  • Events Management
  • Users can easily create events anywhere, anytime. Events can be scheduled in your calendar and will be visible to other users based on the privacy settings. Similar to tasks, notifications and reminders will be sent acordingly.

  • Project Management
  • Team wise projects can be managed easily. Boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.

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