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Transform your Organization through Better Collaboration

HowlLoop builds bridges between employees, tools, and information.

The Key to a High-Performing Company Is Interdepartmental Collaboration

Traditional intranets are dedicated to top-down information sharing. Unfortunately, they do nothing to help your employees get things done or to connect your distributed teams. As a result, they remain unused and fall short of unifying your organization around common goals.

With our digital collaboration platform, you can transform your organization into a united, innovative, efficient force to help reach its full potential.

HowlLoop, Love it! Collaboration is certainly a great benefit. This intranet is the biggest tool in our arsenal to tackle that issue.

- Stella

Effective Communication helps the org to grow.

Connect your Employees

Connect your employees and provide them with the tools they need to work together.

Features such as social intranet, chat, scheduler, task management, and project management help your employees to contribute efficiently. Make your workplace a fun place for employees.

Communicating with my peers across the borders is really simple. This has boosted the productivity of my team and helped us to provide better service.

- Stephen

Leverage your most valuable asset with one powerful knowledge base platform

A big part of a company’s knowledge base lies within documents. With HowlLoop's document management software, employees have access to a secure, collaborative online file system where they can store and share different types of documents. Employees can directly view documents in all popular formats online. Remote editing is facilitated with an online saving capability. HowlLoop documents also includes version control and backup capabilities, helping prevent any loss of valuable data.

Enterprise wiki, forums, knowledge sharing, and unified search are some of the added features.

Managing documents and easy searching and sharing it with other peers saves a lot of time.

- Marissa

Unify your business applications into one modern user-centered hub.

Thanks to a full stack of integrated tools, our project collaboration platform provides a secure and efficient environment for any type of collaboration – cross-functional, cross-geographical, remote teams, remote workers, intradepartmental ongoing collaboration, ad hoc projects, communities of interest – you name it.

The amazing thing about HowlLoop is that I don't need to switch between apps for my work. Everything is at one place and this helps me to concentrate on my work.

- Ed

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